Public Information

All open records requests to Somerset ISD, whether from the media and/or private citizens should be directed to the Public Information Officer,  P.O. Box 279, Somerset, TX 78069-0279. Phone: 1-866-852-9858 x 6029 or Fax: 1-866-852-9860. This department works under the direct authority of the SISD Superintendent.


It is the duty of the Public Information Officer to provide the public record materials requested by the media and/or general public, whether local, state-wide or from across the nation, wherever the request for open records may come from. Every effort is made to comply with these requests within 10 working days as provided by law, if not sooner. It is also the duty of the Public Information Officer to continually inform district citizens and the public at large with information on current actitivities and promoting the achievements of its students and the district at-large. 

Mr. Vasquez

Mr. Maury Vasquez
Public Information Officer (PIO)

Mr. Maury Vasquez
, former television news/sports reporter (KSAT TV-12 & KENS TV-5) was named as the SISD Public Information Officer in October 2007, Mr. Vazquez also has experience as a classroom teacher. He has a Bachelor's Degree in Journalism and is originally from Mercedes, Texas. 

He currently serves as the editor of the district newspaper the "Bulldog Bulletin" and as district spokesman he works directly with the local and area media (radio/TV/newspaper) on matters concerning Somerset ISD. It is his goal to ensure that Somerset ISD maintains it high standards of cooperation with the media and always putting the the district's best image at the forefront. His many years of media experience immediately became a valuable asset to SISD, when he joined the staff.

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Under the 1998 Texas Public Education Code "section 26.009 (b) An employee of a school district is not required to obtain the consent of a child's parent before the employee may make a videotape of a child or authorize the recording of a child's voice if the videotape or voice recording is to be used only for: (1) purposes of safety, including the maintenance of order and discipline in common areas of the school or on school buses; (2) a purpose related to co-curricular or extracurricular activity; (3) a purpose related to regular classroom instruction; or (4) media coverage of the school." During each school year, opportunities arise to invite area radio, television, newspaper, and magazine media to attend school functions and special events on our campuses that reflect positively on the image of the Somerset school district, campuses, teachers, and students. Accordingly, the media representatives (accompanied by a district representative) are allowed reasonable access to our facilities and to speak with students, faculty, and administrators about the event they are covering. In doing so, students may be interviewed, photographed, or videotaped on a group or individual basis, as part of that media coverage of the school and may appear on television, radio, or in newspaper, magazine articles. Any and all students may appear in such media coverage, unless a parent notifies the school principal in writing at the beginning of the school year that they do not want their child appearing in any news/media coverage at the schools. In such cases, we will make every effort to ensure that your child is not included in any media coverage.

By law, personal information about students, that would identify them, is confidential. District staff information is not released if they request that their information remain confidential.