Tech Department

Somerset ISD Mission Statement:
To provide quality educational experiences for all students to reach their full potential.

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Welcome to the Technology Department. We are committed to providing the best customer service in support of all district processes both instructionally and technically.  

Fiber Connections District-Wide

All our campuses are connected via fiber to our network core enabling our district's end users to utilize all resources effectively and efficiently.  Private fiber connects all campuses located within the city limits.  Leased fiber connects both Barrera Veterans Elementary and Savannah Heights Intermediate.

 Cisco VOIP and Wireless Network

We currently have a district-wide VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) Telephone system in place.  Besides departments and offices, all teachers in the district have a phone in their classrooms.  These phones function as a first-line of communication for teachers and assist them in maintaining communication with parents.  The VOIP network is supported by the Federal E-Rate program.  The district has used funds reimbursed through E-Rate applications to purchase VOIP phones for all classrooms.

Somerset ISD also boasts of a district-wide wireless environment.  This environment supports the use of laptop carts for students, teacher-assigned laptops and Tablet PCs for teachers and administrators.  District and campus administrators use their iPads to conduct classroom walkthroughs by using a web-based template.  


Somerset Independent School District's Technology Department is housed at the Somerset 6th Grade Annex.

The technology department supports both instructional and information technology.  Instructionally, the department seeks to support technology integration in the classroom through training, campus support, grant initiatives, and collaboration.

The department also supports all areas of technology resources within the district.The department maintains and supports the district's network-based telephone system, all infrastructure needs, hardware, and software district wide.


Our district has been approved for Year 19 (2016-2017) from the Schools and Libraries Division of E-Rate. Our applications for  Telecommunication & Internet Access were approved enabling our district to bring these services to all students, teachers, and staff at a discounted cost thus saving our school district a considerable amount of money. Discounts for E-Rate are calculated using eligibility in the National School Lunch Program.

New services approved under the new funding year will result in our district benefiting from a very robust fiber-connected network.  Users will see an improved network supporting web-based services.  More and more resources are available through the Internet along with various subscriptions for both students, teachers, and administrators.  It is the goal of Somerset ISD to continue evaluating needed resources to ensure the needs of all users are met.