Somerset ISD Federal and State Reports

Below are links to the various federal and state academic reports for Somerset ISD. Reports include State Accountability, Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR), Performance Based Monitoring and Analysis (PBMAS), State School Report Cards, Federal Report Cards, and Public Education Grant (PEG)

State Accountability 
2015 District & Campus Accountability
Overview of Performance Index Framework

2014 District Accountability

Overview of Performance Index Framework
- TEA Accountability Video - English Spanish

Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR)
2015 Texas Academic Performance Report 
- TAPR Glossary - English
TAPR Glossary - Spanish 

2014 Texas Academic Performance Report
TAPR Glossary- English
TAPR Glossary - Spanish

Performance Based Monitoring and Analysis (PBMAS)

2015 Performance-Based Monitoring Analysis System - PBMAS

2014 Performance Based Monitoring Analysis System - PBMAS

State School Report Cards
2014-2015 School Report Cards 
- SRC Definitions - English
- SRC Definitions - Spanish 

2013-2014 School Report Cards
- SRC Definitions - English
SRC Definitions - Spanish

Federal Report Cards
2014-15 Federal Report Cards 
- Somerset ISD
- Somerset High School 
- Early College Leadership Academy 
- Somerset Junior High 
- Savannah Heights Intermediate
- Barrera Elementary 
- Somerset Elementary
- Early Childhood Center

Public Education Grant (PEG) 
2015 Public Education Grant (PEG)
PEG Parent Letter - English
PEG Parent Letter - Spanish
- PEG Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

2014 Public Education Grant (PEG)
- S/SGT Michael P - Barrera Veterans Elementary - EnglishSpanish
- Somerset Elementary - EnglishSpanish
- Somerset Junior High - EnglishSpanish