Board of Trustees

Our Board of Trustees are dedicated individuals sharing a common goal of ensuring that Somerset ISD provides every student the opportunity and the educational tools to succeed. They believe in the No Child Left Behind philosophy of education and are determined that all our resources be used to reach every child. SISD trustees come from all walks of life and use their knowledge and skills to unite in the common cause of education. They attend numerous seminars, meetings, conventions, symposiums and other functions throughout the year, to better educate themselves in their roles as leaders of our educational community. They are fiscally responsible and exercise prudence in the spending of the taxpayer’s money.

These seven individuals, together with the Superintendent of Schools, form a TEAM that leads Somerset ISD to greater achievements, year after year.

School Board members do not maintain offices at the district central office. 
U.S. mail can be sent to their individual attention in care of the district at:
Somerset ISD, P.O. Box 279, Somerset, Texas 78069-0279

On May 23, 2005, the Texas Senate passed House Bill No. 914, adding Chapter 176 to the Local Government Code, and imposing new disclosure and reporting obligations on the local goverment officers, beginning on January 1, 2006. This includes Somerset Independent School District. Links to copies of these Conflict of Interest reports filed by board members (PDF) are listed at the end of each board member’s entry. Failure to abide by these new statutory requirements can result in possible criminal penalties.