E-Rate YR18 2015-2016

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Long Distance Voice Services 
Form 470 Application # 475940001248498

Post SLD Form 470: 11/05/2014
Allowable Contract Date: 12/03/2014


When I opened the RFP, YR18LD, on the third page, there does not appear to be any items printed on the proposal document, under the title RFP- Long Distance Voice Services, PRI-ISDN and Dedicated Voice Access – RFP YR18LD – is there a separate spreadsheet or document with that includes the product description details of what to bid?
2 T1 Lines

Long Distance Voice Services
Form 470 Application # 427120001274932
Post SLD Form 470: 12/16/2014
Allowable Contract Date: 01/13/2015

Plain Old Telephone Lines
Form 470 Application #888760001246826
Post SLD Form 470: 10/29/2014
Allowable Contract Date: 11/26/2014

I would like to validate that for your two bids for POTS lines, YR18POT and YR17TELECOM/WBHST, that these are standard POTS lines and not Centrex or Plexar lines. Can you confirm?

The Pot lines are Plain Old Telephone lines.


Telecommunications - Point to Point
Form 470 Application: 264960001251227
Post SLD Form 470: 11/13/2014
Allowable Contract Date: 12/11/2014



Can you confirm which of these is the correct address for Somerset Junior High.

4730 W Loop 1604 OR 4730 S LOOP 1604 W
Answer: 4730 W Loop 1604

Is it new construction?
Answer: The school is about 3 years old


Internal Connections
Form 470 Application# 759500001251610
Post SLD Form 470: 11/14/2014
RFP Due Date: 12/12/2014

List of Equipment


For the internal connections RFP is the gear going to be installed into existing rack? YES

If so do these racks have existing UPS/PDU’s that the gear needs to be connected to? YES

Form 470 Application# 759500001251610
Post SLD Form 470: 11/14/2014
Website says RFP Due Date: 12/12/2014 – Bid says 12/03/14 @ Noon – Please confirm Due date and time
The posted date on the Form 470 is 11/14/2014 and the Allowable Contract Date that was given by USAC was 12/12/2014 (this is 28 days).
Also Page 8 is Blank – is that correct? Yes, page 8 was left blank.



Basic Maintenance of Internal Connections:
Form 470 Application# 413320001251766
Post SLD Form 470: 11/14/2014
RFP Due Date: 12/12/2014

List of Equipment

Increase in Bandwidth

Form 470 Application# 821610001321951
Post SLD Form 470: 2/10/2015
RFP Due Date: 3/10/2015

1. Are you currently under a multi year contract with a vendor for Internet Access? Yes

2. What is the location to deliver the Internet Bandwidth to - 19644 SOMERSET RD?

4135 Smith Roa, Von Ormy, Texas 78073

 3. Is the second location for the Point to Point Circuit connection 19644 Somerset RD?

The second location for the Point to Point is 7790 East 3rd St, Somerset TX 78069


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