Science Resources
 ARKive - (K-12) images of life on earth, includes videos and facts
 BBC (K-8) Activities cover science topics: living things, materials and physical processes
 Edheads (3-12) Simulations, labs, activities and 3-D models from a range of topics which include stem cells, brain surgery, compound machines, weather, etc... 
 Exploring the Planets (K-12) website sponsed by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum contains facts, imges of the solar system
 Jefferson Lab (6-12) This website includes teacher resources, student zone, games & puzzles and programs and events. 
 Jefferson Lab Reading Comprehension Pages - (6-12) Passages include topics such as Atomic History, Charges and Electricity, Dissecting and Compound Microscopes, Properties and changes and more.
 Khan Academy - video tutorials include such topics as Biology, Chemistry, Cosmology and Astronomy, Organic Chemistry and Physics.
 Makezine - devoted to how to's, do it yourself projects, digital products, etc.
 National Geographic for Kids (K-12) Puzzles, photos, facts, science experiements, and more.
 NASA Kid's Club (K-8) Interactive features, videos, images, information on current missions, etc. 
 Science360 (9-12) collection of science videos
 Scholastic (K-5) 50+ interactive games centered around the science curriculum.
 Solar System Scope (K-12) Illustrates real time celestial positions with planets, constellations and the sun.  Users double click on the planets for closer views. 
 Wicked - Science Interactives (4-8) Science interactives (Earth Science) which include such topics as earth's surface, earth's crust, rock cycle and more