Social Studies Resources
 Fakebook (5-12) Create an educational Fakebook page utilizing historical figures, characters from a book, etc.  The website is not a Facebook page but rather a site for students to create a profile of a historical figure, etc.
 Google Maps (K-12) Search maps by satellite view, earth view, zoom in, zoom out, the zoom feature is really neat, you may zoom all the way to street view.  The search will also bring up images. 
 History (k-12) Historical video clips
 Infinite Learning Lab (K-12) Animated videos which cover such topics as Cyberbullying, self-esteem, self-control, peer pressure, online safety, etc.
 Khan Academy (6-12) Video tutorials include such tutorials as History and Current Economics.
 Kids House (PK-8) The website for Texas House of Representatives.  Lesson ideas, simulations, interactive activities and virtual tour. 
 National Geographic Xpeditions (K-12) Interactive lessons, maps, virtual museums, lessons plans, activities and more.
 Presidential Timeline  (K-12) This website provides timelines to the lives and careers of 12 presidents.  The timelines also includes images, videos, and audio files 
 Scholastic - Online Activities (K-5) 50 activities for use in the Social Studies curriculum.
 Smithsonian's History Explorer (1-12) Interactive lessons, activities, media, links and more.
 Texas Beyond History (K-12) Website for the Virtual Museum of Texas' Cultural Heritage.  Click on a virtual map of Texas to visit Texas exhibits
 Texas Senate for Kids (K-4) The website is the official Texas State website.  Play games, explore the Texas capitol, learn about state government.